Today, Néstor Sirvent, a men's Jeans/Trousers buyer, came to our team with a request. He had heard about our fitting sessions with the Jeans team and felt he could use our help. His team made changes to an existing model of trousers: new fabric with special performance characteristics: no wrinkles, easy iron, etc. However, they were afraid to replace the old model with this new one because it had more polyester than the previous one, which gave it a shinier look, and slightly more artificial and plastic touch.

We agreed on developing a guerrilla test in a store, to gather some customer impressions on the new models.


This is the first time someone from the Product team asked us to perform research on product, motivated by our work with the Jeans team. Mango Man's team heard about the fitting sessions and felt that user feedback could also help them, which is something we celebrate. Word-of-mouth may have been key in this first glimpse of scalability of our "customer-centric" initiative.