Work meeting with the Jeans team to define the goals of the "gaps" which may exist in the jeans offering. The initial proposal to tackle this issue was to develop exploratory studies.

The goal of the meeting is to define:

  • Goals of the study
  • Scope of the study (select countries)
  • Participant profiling (define groups of participants)

We define 3 areas of work:

  • Product area: product and collection characteristics.
  • Commercial area: in-store communication, merchandising, staff training.
  • Innovation area: sustainability, new relationship and usage models, customisation and personalisation.

The team mentioned several problems they had identified in the "commercial" area, especially related to product display and communication, and particularly staff training.

They also identified that jeans are not included in the collection structuring process, which apparently detaches them from the overall collection concept.

They explained they are developing a new sustainability project: a capsule collection including recycled fibres from clothes gathered in the "recycling" containers placed in Mango stores.


Bárbara had to leave in the middle of the work session, which shows us how difficult it becomes to develop these initiatives with teams with work overload.

On another hand, it was very interesting to observe how Bárbara had appropriated research findings and mentioned them as observed realities. She incorporated that knowledge to her "truth".