Today we had a meeting with the Jeans team to present them the proposal from de Agency ALL. This young agency based in Madrid was the chosen one to develop the exploratory study with the team, by involving them and giving them tools to work with after the study.

We wanted to show this proposal to the team before showing it to the Product Director, Luis Casacuberta.

They seemed to understand the purpose of the study and verbalised the fact that they would have tools to do research on their own.

Marta also noted that Luis C. kept asking about results, particularly about the survey results. This brought up the need to make a status with him.

Anabel and agreed that maybe it could be interesting to give Luis some results before opening new work streams. We agreed to make a "retrospective workshop" before showing Luis some results, and then we would show him the proposal.

After the meeting, Anabel and I decided it was good to talk to the team before showing the proposal to Luis. They know him better than us, and have closer contact, which means they get a sense of what he might be expecting from the project.