Today there were two meetings with the jeans team:

  • Attributes matrix definition
  • Fitting session report analyisis

The first meeting was introductory. The team was unsure about the goals of this matrix, but in the end, we decided to have another work session to define the attributes. This matrix is supposed to help everybody in the company to use the same concepts when talking about jeans. It will define the variables at play when designing jeans, describing them on the website, and defining in-store staff discourse.

The second meeting's goal was to analyse the fitting session report and to define next steps. The team had already taken some actions according to the learnings gathered at the fitting session.

We created a table summarising all the defined actions.

The team mentioned some struggles with the "Quality team". They say it's a very tradition team, working at Mango since very long ago. They are reluctant to accommodate changes to the current fits and patterns. Marta and Bárbara think they may be afraid to take responsibility for the impact of such changes. They proposed to include top managers in future fitting sessions so they could influence the quality team's decisions. Anabel and I proposed to include the Quality team members in order to promote consciousness about issues perceived by the customers.