Meeting with Bárbara and Marta to make a reflection on the process so far. The goal was to get feedback on the different activities developed throughout the project. We wanted to know how they lived the process and what kind of learnings they obtained.

Bárbara considers the assessment session was interesting to understand their roles within the team.

Bárbara mentions the fitting sessions were useful, but they need them to happen faster. They have sudden needs and can't wait two weeks until getting user feedback.

Marta agrees with the necessary speed. She believes it's useful to think about the customer but finds it's very slow to get their feedback. She thinks the fitting sessions need to get "adapted" to their needs.

She mentions the possibility of getting feedback from stores in 24 hours, using fast surveys.

They reflect that they stop for a moment before taking decisions, instead of going with the first opinion they have.

They want faster and more constant feedback.

They're identifying that some decisions are taken without any customer consideration.

They feel that customer feedback gives them arguments to defend their ideas. It allows for shared criteria.

Bárbara keeps on proposing that we "come in" regularly to help them do research on certain issues.

Bárbara thinks that doing the meetings around the issues helps bring things down to earth and that provokes action.

Marta discovered that departments keep information for their own. She was surprised that the information from CRM was never shared.

Marta is very happy with the collaboration offered by the Online Merchandising team.

About the online test, they mention they didn't like the profiles. They found that it helped identify issues with the website.

They find the fitting session was better than expected. Marta enjoyed the variety of bodies. Bárbara was surprised that different silhouettes looked good on them.

Marta was surprised that people noticed that people paid special attention at the back pockets. Marta says that now she looks at it with much more attention.

About the organisation of the fitting: they feel they could have done it better by gathering the different garments. Bárbara liked the place because it was cosy. She has the impression the customers felt comfortable. Marta would enhance the acoustics.

We mention the possibility of having recurrent customers in Palau, but we need some prevision of needs.

They feel the collection needs to be well communicated both online and in-store.

The survey: very slow process.

They find there were too many meetings (regarding "reflection").

They feel it's important for them to participate in the definition of the research activities.

Attribute matrix: until there's a tool, it will stay "in the air". Nowadays, their tool is the fitting guide. They feel they need a tool to "fill-in" with information; this tool must be integrated into their work process and render an inter-department communication service. They're missing the in-store experience exploratory study.

There's a need regarding the tags and the team is willing to get user feedback. Since it's difficult to get user feedback, we proposed to get feedback from Mango colleagues using the Merchandising Pilot Store.