After an initial presentation of the Customer Centric project (include link to the presentation, or to a post explaining the project), Luis Casacuberta, Managing Director of the Woman division at Mango and one of the main sponsors of the project, asked Anabel and I, the owners of the initiative, to present the project to the Product team ("Product" at Mango refers to clothing and accessories).

The subject of the meeting was defined by Luis and was: "Ideas to include the customer in the centre of our decisions".

Our proposal included three steps:

  • Understanding customers
  • Interacting with customers
  • Actioning the knowledge

Initially, our proposal was to start working with the teams which would benefit the most (and thus impact in business the most) from customer knowledge; these teams were Retail (store structure) and Product. After explaining the project to the Product team director (Luis C.), he immediately became a sponsor of the initiative. Before this first meeting, Luis had the task to find the most suitable team within the Product division to start applying this customer-centric transformative approach.

We we entered the meeting, we already knew the team we were supposed to work with: the Jeans team (women's).

The goal was then to present our proposal to the Product team, particularly to the Jeans team responsible, Marta Otero.

After explaining the overall steps of the project, Luis made a small statement. He said that involving the customer in Mango's decision-making process was "something we'll have to go through". He then explained why he thought the Jeans team was the most suitable one: it was a consolidated team, its members had been in the team for a reasonable amount of time, and it was now a stabilised team (within a context of overall change in the product division).

After this initial meeting, we decided to sit down with all the members of the Jeans team as a next step for the project.

This moment was the kick-off of the Customer-centric project.


The support of a top management executive was essential to bring this initiative forward. Luis Casacuberta told the team that "customer centricity" was something that had to happen, which gives our team legitimacy to work with the Jeans team. Without this sponsorship, I believe this kind of project would be impossible.