This was the first meeting between the Jeans and CRM teams. The purpose of this meeting was to get the team members to know each other and to explore possible ways of collaborating.

At first, the jeans team didn't quite realise the difference between our team (CX & Innovation) and the "Customer" team (where CRM is integrated).

After explaining this, Anabel and I explained the jeans "customer centric" project. Marta was very curious to get to know information related to the customers' profile, such as age, and model preferences. For her, it would be interesting to get to know socio-demographic characteristics to help them take some decisions.

The teams identified collaboration opportunities to experiment with personalised communications drawn from the analysis of purchase behaviour trends identified among our customers.

We also decided to try to enhance the exploratory study with the quantitative perspective.


It's quite surprising that we didn't explore this collaboration opportunity before. This makes me think that we're still not very aligned with the CRM team. There's still much to do regarding the integration of quantitative and qualitative analysis of information. We don't seem to have compatible goals, since our activity is still not as coordinated as it could.